Selection of private broiler farms as practical ‘poultry’ training centres

Selection of private broiler farms as practical ‘poultry’ training centres

An important step towards training 750 farmers and workers. One important aspect of the SAPA project is to build the capacity of broiler farmers. The capacity lies both in upgrading knowledge and skills on for example farm management, nutrition, housing, bio-security and health. 

What is important within the SAPA-approach is that the training should be very practical and realistic according to the Myanmar context and applicable to any level of a farmer. Training modules are a combination of theory and practical orientation, observation and analysis on the farm. For the practical aspect three private broiler farms in respectively Yangon, NPT and Mandalay needed to be selected for upgrading towards practical poultry training centres.

Firstly, in these practical poultry training centres 10 veterinaries are trained on three modules: management and bio-security, housing and health, entrepreneurship and nutrition. Secondly, the 10 vets will train 250 farmers and 500 workers. And this will all happen until the end of 2020.

In 2016 (August and December), two visits took place in Myanmar from Dutch poultry experts. Their mission was to select three suitable farms (and therefore farmers) to be upgraded to a poultry training centre in the area of Yangon, NPT and Mandalay. Suitable refers to for example the following criteria: the farmer should be the owner, farm should have 5000 broilers or more, the farm should have an appropriate recording system, the location of the farm and the housing of the farm should be one step beyond the basic open house system. In the last mission of December, finally two farms were selected in Mandalay and NPT. Meaning, that the upgrading can start as soon as possible in 2017 and that the first training of the vets will take place in February 2017.

Broiler house

Inside a broiler house

Closed house with climate control