Sustainable entrepreneurship


Development of market efficiency and sustainability of food chains for national and regional markets.

In the current market of broilers, poultry meat, broiler feed, corn and corn seed, the competition is low. In such a situation the market is not able to function well, implying high feed prices and fluctuating prices of DoC and poultry meat. The SAPA project will offer the market an independent supply choice for the different inputs which will result in more affordable poultry meat for end-users.

Regarding sustainability in the poultry sector, the key issues are unstable supply of Day Old Chicks (DoC), low productivity due to high mortality rate, extensive use of antibiotics and inefficacies regarding feed. The SAPA project will focus on the enhancement of the capacity of farmers to professionally manage a broiler farm. Broilers under the SAPA project will be raised in a sustainable and healthy way. This will imply among others a decrease in use of veterinary medicines resulting in the provision of healthier products to end-users. Farmers dedicated to produce broilers in a safe and sustainable complying with the SAPA project developed production standard way will be institutionalized in a farmer club. The club will act as a knowledge platform for farmers, linking farmers to buyers to perform joint sales and marketing activities.

The biggest sustainability issue in the corn sector is soil nutrient depletion due to of soil erosion, continuous cropping without applying sufficient nutrients. Through its corn training program and corn buying policy, the project will support and stimulate a sustainable production of corn.