About SAPA

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SAPA (Sustainable and Affordable Poultry for All) aims at improving the food security and rural incomes of smallholder poultry and corn farmers in Myanmar through a public private partnership with Dutch, Belgium and Myanmar parties involved.

Through this approach strengths are combined of European companies and knowledge institutions and local NGO’s and knowledge institutions active in the poultry and corn chain.  SAPA receives partly funding under the Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security Facility (FDOV) from the Dutch Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

One of the key problems SAPA is addressing is the low agriculture productivity in Myanmar in general and in corn and poultry production specifically. The low agriculture productivity results in low rural incomes and relatively expensive food. With 25 to 50% of rural inhabitants being landless, and often without sufficient income to obtain food, it is crucial that a thriving agri-business sector is developed to generate jobs and lower the cost price of food.

Therefore the project goals are to improve food security and rural incomes of smallholders in Myanmar, through the introduction of more productive and sustainable farming practices for poultry and corn production. This will result in lower cost prices and productivity gains, making poultry more affordable, and as the major source of animal protein in Myanmar, contribute to food security.


7,000,000 Day Old Chicks

HACCP certified hatchery offers smallholder broiler farmers an alternative for not contract bounded DoC.

Myanmar Poultry Expertise Centre

To decrease the mortality of broilers and current excessive use of veterinary medicines a center to exchange knowledge will be developed including 3 broiler training farms in Yangon, Mandalay and Nayphidaw areas as well trained veterinarians.

250 broiler farmers

Farmers are trained in professional broiler farm management in Quality Management System (QMS) to improve farm management and productivity.

1,000,000 consumers

Safe and more sustainable supply of chicken meat to the domestic market will increase with 18 million kilograms per year.

2,500 corn farmers

Corn farmers are trained in corn production protocols to increase the corn productivity.

40,000,000 USD per year

The overall generated value by the broiler and corn farmers within the project period.

6,700 people per year

The SAPA project will create income for farmers and their workers to enhance their livelihoods.

1 Farmer club

The farmer club will act as a knowledge platform for farmers, linking farmers to buyers to perform joint sales and marketing activities.